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Theme parties simplified

Themes can add colour to any kind of party and make it even more interesting. It’s an opportunity for both theme party planners and guests to get creative. Different parties call for different themes and treatment of those themes. Theme party planners say that the same theme will have different treatment for corporate parties and kitty parties.

Here are some great ideas to host such a party, from themed birthday parties, to corporate theme parties and kitty parties

  • Choosing a theme

    The theme should be appropriate for the occasion and the guests. Themes for children’s parties are not hard to find. However, corporate theme parties or kitty parties can be more complex and need more thought.
  • Corporate theme parties

    The purpose of corporate theme parties is not only celebration or enjoyment, but also bonding and motivation. Compared to a regular boring corporate party, a theme corporate party encourages originality. Theme party planners aim to make corporate theme parties a pleasant experience for all, hence they ensure that each guest participates in games and activities.
  • Kitty Parties

    On the other hand, kitty party themes have to be more women-oriented. Kitty party themes may revolve around cooking, clothes, interior designing, etc. The women can share ideas and exchange information on the theme. You can also have a demo or discussion revolving around the theme of the kitty party.
  • Think out of the box

    Don’t restrict your party decorations and games to the theme itself. Instead, give the theme a creative twist. For example, if a kitty party’s theme is “Fashion Week”, you can have an impromptu ramp show or a clothes-collection drive to donate to a charitable organisation. You can also mix two or three themes together. For example, a Harry Potter theme party can be mixed with a Fantasy theme.
  • Decorations

    This can be the most fun part while planning a theme party. Think of props, table decorations, souvenirs, backdrops, games, gags and music that can be based on that theme. Corporate theme parties can have a theme-based dress code as well. Don’t forget to include the theme and dress code in the invitations.
  • Food and Drinks

    Theme party planners can recommend dishes and beverages that can be incorporated in your theme party or named creatively. Kitty party hosts can even add a garnish, ingredient or condiment to their signature dish to reflect the theme.
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