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How to plan a successful business event

Staid corporate events are a thing of the past, as they make way for corporate theme parties, team building activities and innovative product launches. These corporate theme parties and team building workshops are different from the usual dinner-drinks-music business parties.

For some corporate events, organisations may want to hire corporate party planners to come up with business party ideas as well as manage the event. However, for events like corporate meetings, theme parties and office parties, a few good ideas, systematic planning and basic event management can make a business party come to life.

Here’s a list of ideas for your business parties—whether business parties, corporate meetings, team building events or corporate theme parties. These tips will make corporate event management easier for your organisation:

  • Planning and Creativity

    Corporate event management requires careful planning and creativity. Hence, you can make your next business party into a series of team building activities. Just as employees set their agenda for corporate meetings, they can work as a team to plan team building activities and games, then implement their party ideas.
  • Create an event agenda

    Create an event agenda for your next business party, team building event or corporate theme party, along with a rough list of ideas for team building games and other activities.
  • Ideas

    The ideas for the business party should also take into account the occasion, the industry, number of employees, since that will determine the team building activities and other tasks on the event plan.
  • Encouraging Interaction

    Corporate theme parties can play a vital role in encouraging interaction among employees, nurturing team spirit and promoting confidence. Corporate party planners have to keep the objectives of the event in mind while building in entertainment activities. Corporate theme parties are a chance for employees to let down their hair and de-stress. The choice of the right team-building activities and games will not only add to the fun, but also help achieve the objectives of the business party.
  • Radical Approach

    Take a radical approach to make the business party different from most corporate events. You could perhaps host it at a different venue or arrange a picnic, invite a special guest or include team unusual building activities. You can also have an in-house poster and promotional campaign for the event.
  • Other Performances

    Last but not the least, decorations, food, music and dance or other performances will add more colour to the corporate event. Make sure these are assigned to the in-house or external team of party planners in advance.
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