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Planning and celebrating festivals

Diwali, Holi, Christmas and New Year’s eve are all great times to spend with your friends and family and make it a fun time and special time together.

Each festival comes with specific traditions and rituals, but that doesn’t mean party planning for them has to be stressful or tedious. Spending quality time with your near and dear ones is important during festive celebrations, so event planning should begin well in advance.

But don’t worry; party planning for festivals can be fun, and your friends or family members can team up as party organizers for this special occasion. Just follow our guidelines below:

  • Date and Venue

    You don’t need to think much about the date before you start event planning-your Christmas party will be on or close to Christmas day! Ditto with Diwali, Holi and New Year’s eve parties. Choose a venue that is convenient for most of your guests. Even though most guests will be aware of the party plans, you will need to invite them formally.
  • Menu

    Choose dishes that are traditionally associated with the festival and ensure they are the focal point of the spread. A Christmas party wouldn’t be fun without cake, and Diwali and Holi would be incomplete without a range of sweet Indian delicacies.
  • Games

    Ask family and friends to suggest party games that will be enjoyed by all ages. This should be done in the event planning stage itself. Everyone can contribute their ideas—sort of like party planning by and for everyone! Then pick the best ideas and assign a game to each one in your team of “party organizers” to plan and put together.
  • Party Goodies

    While planning your event, take note of decorations and symbols associated with the festival. Make arrangements to buy those for your party. These include candles for Diwali and mini trees for Christmas. You can use these to decorate your venue, and as party gifts or souvenirs. Include prizes for games and decorations like confetti and streamers in your event plan.
  • Something for everyone

    Since the guest list for a festival party usually spans several age groups, organize activities that everyone can enjoy doing. Get your in-house party organising team to arrange for separate activities if needed. There can be art and craft tasks for kids, musical games for teens, and family games like Housie or musical chairs for everyone. To make party planning and party-going more fun, include a dress code or treasure hunt, especially if you don’t have a theme.
  • Do something festival-related

    It’s not a festival if your event planning does not include festival traditions. If it’s Christmas, you can sing Christmas carols together or as a reality contest. Light diyas or candles during Diwali. Have a New Year countdown.

    Festivals are a great time to put together a team of party organizers from your social circle, and create special memories. So remember to plan well, relax and enjoy!
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