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Planning for a Birthday Party

Who says planning a birthday party is tough? Agreed, there are a million things to organize, but with a little bit of careful party planning, and some help from partyManao.com’s birthday party planner, you can organize an unforgettable birthday party.

Before you start planning the birthday party, equip yourself with a party planner that will help you keep track of the various activities that go into birthday party planning. The simplest party planners can be Excel sheets or hand-drawn charts.

Follow our step-by-step guide for planning the perfect birthday party for your loved one.

  • Set the Date

    Birthday party planning begins with setting the date for your party. You will need this to book the venue and send out invites, and, of course, to start planning. Pick a date closest to the birthday, preferably on the big day itself.

    Optional step: Select a birthday party organizer
    If you are planning a large-scale birthday party, you may consider hiring a birthday party organizer. However, you can use our birthday party planner can take care of your party planning needs. View our party planner demo here.
  • Budget and Venue Selection

    Party planning will be less stressful when you have a realistic budget. Decide on a budget based on the guests you wish to invite, and the absolute essentials for the birthday party. The venue you choose should accommodate your guests, and suit your budget.
  • Choose the theme

    If you’re planning your child’s birthday, he or she will have a preferred theme. Even an adult’s birthday party could have a theme, based on his interests.
  • Invite guests

    The best birthday party organizers ensure that they invite the right people to the party. It’s a good idea to invite guests well in advance of the birthday party. Send email invites as well, as guests can add them to their electronic planners.
  • Menu

    While planning the birthday party menu, keep in mind your guests’ preferences. Spice up your menu with an elaborate dish or two, while including some favourites that are enjoyed by all.

    For drinks, you can serve fun mocktails or cocktails besides colas and juices. Birthday party planning should include choosing a cake the birthday person loves.
  • Decorations

    Party decorations can range from balloons and streamers to elaborate backdrops and table decorations. Your birthday party organizer or our party planner will take care of the decorations as well.
  • Entertainment

    Think of group-based games that would enable guests to mingle, and require some basic skill or creativity. Make a note of the prizes you will give to winners in your party planner. For entertainment, popular music is always a safe bet.
  • The Small Things

    The best birthday party return gifts are theme-based or personalized goodies. For memorable birthday party moments, you can either ask a friend to volunteer or hire a photographer.
  • Party Time!

    You’ve planned the birthday party, now it’s time to enjoy it!
  • It is always good to get help...

    Party planning should not end up being a task for one individual. It is always good to get help. So call your friends and ask for help; together you party planners will not only throw a fantastic party, but also have a blast while organising it.
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